I am using document.builder for genearting a word document dynamically.It fetches data from database. The data may be html tags which may contain any number of images. The images are stored in binary and in html tag we save the id of the image.
For example the datacolumn contains
This is my page what to do
Now I need to write the data into a builder.How to I use aspose.word for it so that the image is inserted at the exact place. Image is not getting displayed if I use builder.inserthtml(htmltext).
Please provide me the details asap. We are genuine user of Aspose.word or provide me a contact number/person with whom we can speak to regarding this

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Thanks for your inquiry. I think the image is not displayed because path is relative and Aspose.Words just does not know from where to take an image.
Try specifying full url.
Please let me know if this will not help.
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