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Built in FTP Threading

Previously I have asked about built in Threading for your Ftp component and you provided some sample code to show how I could use custom threading.

I would now like to see Aspose.Ftp use threading internally so that I do not have to build it into every application that uses your Ftp component.

Let me know if this is already on your development schedule and/or how long you think this will take.

Thanks again for your great work!

hello Dan,

Thank you for your support! You are great, we mean it.

I suppose built-in multi-threading features will not be added to FtpClient directly but a new wrapper class based on FtpClient will be written. I hate to tell you that it is not on our schedule, I will arrange a review and discuss it with our dev team recently. Please wait for my good news.

Best regards.

Well it's been about a month since your last post. Do you have any updates for me as far as a timeline for adding Ftp threading?



Hi, Dan,

Thanks for your concern.

Our development team is planning to do something about this feature. However, lots of Begin*** and End*** methods are exposed by the class FtpClient, which support the asynchronous programming, which can meet commond threading programming scenarios. Do you ever try to use them?

And we think the new threading features should be more than the Begin/End asynchronous programming model. So we need a few more days to design and implementation.

But we will try the best to roll out it in the near months.

Thanks again.


I have not used the Begin *** and End *** methods for the FtpClient. But implementing all of those into many different projects would become cumbersome. I will wait for the threading to be added directly into Aspose.Network.Ftp.

Please keep me up to date on your progress and timeline. Thanks!


Dear Dan,

Thanks for your considering.

Actually, Our dev team is doing the architect reviewing and refactoring for the recent Aspose.Network.

We are now trying to remove the inconvenient design and to introduce more instinct programming models, which learned from the client feedbacks. For example, integrating the Mime parsing and Mail sending function into only one class MailMessage instead of two classes; providing more easy-to-use multithreading programming model; working with Microsoft Outlook, and more exciting features.

The multithreading in Ftp components will keep on my work item list, with a highline. Any of your suggestions/inputs are so important to us.

Thanks for your patience, and we will keep to deliver the perfectional Network programming solutions on .NET platform.