Bullet rendering problem

Hi Alin,

We are experiencing the same issue. Can you post a link to the wher you found the installer for the Symbol font you used ?


@tdekeizer Symbol font is usually is a preinstalled font. Could you please attach your problematic input and output documents here for our reference? We will check the issue and provide you more information.
Here is Symbol font installed on my side: symbol.zip (46.2 KB)

It is not required to install additional fonts into the system, you can simply put the required fonts into a folder and use this folder as an additional font source for Aspose.Words:

Hi Alexey,

We are running in a linux container environment and the symbol font is not installed as a default. As I understand it this is the cause of our ODT document bullet points appearing as movie clapper boards when Aspose renders. Would this be correct ?


Archive.zip (75.2 KB)
Use these 2

They should be saved in /use/local/share/fonts and they must have the extension .ttf

Thank you Alin. very much appreciated. :slight_smile:
Any idea where I should get a legitimate WingDings.ttf font download as well.

@tdekeizer You can install Microsoft fonts on Linux like described here: