I am having difficulty using the BulletHeight property. No matter what value I set, the resulting PowerPoint file has the exact same bullet size.

According to the documentation, setting a negative value should set the bullet size to an absolute value, not dependent on the portion height.

So, paragraph.BulletHeight = -80 should result in a bullet at font size 80; is this correct?

I am using version

Dear Shaun,

I have investigated the issue specified by you using Aspose.Slides for .NET 4.3.0 and have observed the Paragraph.BulletHeight property works fine. Please proceed to this documentation link for more elaboration on the property behavior. As per my observation paragraph.BulletHeight = -80 results in the bullet at font size 80.

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Thank you for the feedback.

The following code snippet demonstrates the problem:

static void Main(string[] args)
Presentation p = new Presentation();
Slide s = p.Slides[0];

Rectangle r = s.Shapes.AddRectangle(100, 100, 2000, 2000);
TextFrame t = r.AddTextFrame("");


Paragraph l = new Paragraph();

Portion po = new Portion(“Test”);

l.HasBullet = true;
l.BulletCharacter = Char.Parse(
l.BulletHeight = -80;

p.Save(“out.ppt”, Aspose.Slides.Export.SaveFormat.Ppt);

Dear Shaun,

I have worked with the code snippet share by you and propose you to use the following code snippet. I have used it and it works for me. Please share your response with us, if you feel any issue while using it.

Presentation p = new Presentation();

Slide s = p.Slides[0];

Shape r = s.Shapes.AddRectangle(100, 100, 2000, 2000);

TextFrame t =r.AddTextFrame("Aspose.Slides");

Paragraph para = t.Paragraphs[0];

para.HasBullet = true;

//Setting the bullets color

para.BulletColor = Color.Blue;

//Setting the bullet height

para.BulletHeight = -400;

//Setting the bullet character using the ASCII code of a symbol

para.BulletCharacter = Char.Parse(


//Writing the presentation as a PPT file


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Sorry that doesn’t work for me. My app has to support character by character formatting, and when I modify your example code to add paragraphs and portions like in my example, it breaks again.

My example code should work, correct?


Dear Shaun,

I am in discussion with our development team over your issue. As soon as some information is shared by our development team, I will be really obliged to share that with you.

Thanks and Regards,

Thank you. I look forward to your feedback.