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Bullets and renumbering

I am currently evaluating Aspose.Word and have run into a problem with Heading styles. The document I am generating is a master detail type document very similar to the product catalog demo.

The problem I am experiencing is that when I merge the section into a new document the paragraph header outline numbering restarts in the second section of the document even though the section is set to continuous. Within word the numbering can be reapplied. Is there an easy way to do the equivalent MS word operation i.e. Outline Numbering | Continue previous list within Aspose.Word.

At the moment Aspose.Words does not expose properties and methods to modify list formatting of a paragraph. List formatting can be specified to some extent using DocumentBuilder, but it is mainly intented for creating new paragraphs.

Try using ImportNode with different settings of the ImportFormatMode. If that does not help, please report back and post your documents here. We will add this to the feature list.