Bullets are lost when merging two documents


When I append a first document to the end of a second document and the first document has bullet points or numbering in the body, the bullets points (or numbering) disappears. I have tried the Sections.Item(x).AppendContent function and adding the first document one section at a time. Is this a bug in Aspose.Word, or my code? I have Aspose.Word.Dll version on my computer. Below is the code snippets I am testing with.

Dim word As Word = New Word

Dim doc As Document = word.Open("C:\doc1.doc")

Dim doc2 As Document = word.Open("C:\doc2.doc")

While doc.Sections.Count > 0

Dim mySection As Section = doc.Sections(0)



End While

doc2.Save("C:\EndTest.doc", SaveFormat.FormatDocument)


Yes, this is an issue in Aspose.Word that we've also discovered recently.

In MS Word documents list formatting information is stored completely separately from the document content and other formatting info and when moving a document section, the list formatting remains in the original document and not available in the destination document.

We will try and address this asap.


List formatting is no longer lost, please get latest Aspose.Word 2.0.4, for more info see http://www.aspose.com/blogs/roman.korchagin/category/31.aspx.