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Bullets not working?

Downloaded your eval version and trying to evaluate exactly how well the product works for our needs. Seems to work ok, can create and add a table, BUT the “bullet” support seems to be shakey!!??

Sometimes the bullets show up and other times not at all…? Sometimes I make changes to either the Word Template or to my C# code and this seems to cause the bullets to show up. but then the next time I run the code they disappear…? It even causes the existing bullets within the document to also not display.

Thing is if I select the row, the toolbar does show that the line is bulleted, but when I select View | Bullets and Numbers…it shows an option is selected but that option does not have any bullet image associated with it.

So, question is, is it a problem with my Word Template (Document) ? Or is there a code issue? Or an issue with how Aspose.Word is working ?


public void BuildTable(DocumentBuilder builder)

builder.Writeln(“This shows how to build a table in a document.”);

builder.Font.Size = 10;
builder.Font.Name = “Garamond”;
builder.ParagraphFormat.Alignment = ParagraphAlignment.Left;

builder.RowFormat.AllowBreakAcrossPages = true;

builder.CellFormat.VerticalAlignment = CellVerticalAlignment.Top;
foreach (Border border in builder.CellFormat.Borders)
border.LineStyle = LineStyle.Single;
border.LineWidth = 1;
border.Color = System.Drawing.Color.Black;

string[] test1 = new string[5];
test1[0] = “Product Offering”;
test1[1] = “Anticipated Enrollment Dates – Begin & End”;
test1[2] = “Enrollment Strategy”;
test1[3] = “States where enrollment will take place”;
test1[4] = “State exceptions by product”;

string[] test = new string[5];
test[0] = “Face-to-face enrollment x”;
test[1] = “Call center enrollment x”;
test[2] = “IVR enrollment x”;
test[3] = “Web enrollment x”;
test[4] = “Other x”;

for (int y = 0; y < 5; y++)
builder.Font.Bold = true;
builder.CellFormat.Width = 1.75 * 72;//0.4"

builder.Font.Bold = false;
builder.CellFormat.Width = 4.31 * 72;

for (int i = 0; i < test.Length; i++)



Hi Scott,

I’ve just fixed this and released Aspose.Word 1.6.6.

The problem was when you create many lists in quick succession they were assigned the same list id internally and that was upsetting MS Word.


One other thing I wanted to ask you, does Aspose.Word give one the ability to draw shapes?
If not will that be something that you will implement in the future ?

Or, possible have the ability to generate a chart ? When I say chart, I am talking internal to Word,
not using some other tool to generate the chart into an image and then inserting into Word.
The only way I could get buy-off on that would be if I could generate a make-shift chart or image
within .NET and then insert within the Word Template (if that is even possible)…?

Thanks again for all you help!

We will add shapes eventually, but it will be months before this.

I’d recommend you use Aspose.Chart. This is a .NET component that will generate you an image you can insert into a Word document using Aspose.Word. I’m not sure what is make-shift chart, let me know more.

Aspose.Chart is also supported by my team. You may also wish to look into buying Aspose.Report as it gives you 40% discount on three Aspose.Word, Aspose.Pdf and Aspose.Chart.