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Hi Alexey!

Please see attached ppt file. First bullet is drawn correctly but others are not.


Please check 2.0.4 hot fix.
Implemented extended bullets and fixed problem with space between lines in paragraph.

Version 2.0.4:

PictureBullet pb = PictureBullets.Item(para.PictureBulletId);

‘Aspose.PowerPoint.PictureBullets’ does not contain a definition for ‘Item’

Are you sure “para.BulletType” for this paragraph equal to “BulletType.Picture” ?

Yes. My code:

if (para.BulletType == BulletType.Picture)
PictureBullet pb = PictureBullets.Item(para.PictureBulletId); //Bug
// work with pb.Image

See attachment.

Sorry, I didn’t check you example carefully.

PictureBullet pb = PictureBullets[para.PictureBulletId];

Please see attached document. (Bullet symbols arу not drawing)

Dear CAV,

These characters are not bullets. They are special symbols inserted to the text.

For example string with such symbols. To draw it you should check each character:

if ((str[ i ] & 0xff00) == 0xf000) {
// In this case you should clean high byte and draw char with SymbolFontIndex font.

Draw…(str[ i ] & 0x00ff)

We implemented such drawing in 2.0.5 hot fix.

Hi Alexey!

See attached ppt-file (bullets are not drawing).

Thank you, we will fix it.


Please check 2.1.3 hot fix.