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C# demo not generating excel sheets

My name is Michael Minadeo.
I work for IBM on the Nissan account, in Gardena,CA, USA.

We are currently evaluating Aspose.Excel for use in our intranet applications, as Excel automation has proven to be less than reliable.

I downloaded the demo on 10/23/2003, followed install instructions, built the app, and tried to run it from localhost, but whenever I click on a report, it takes me to blank page with an activex icon in the left corner, and does not generate an Excel file.

Any suggestions?

Michael Minadeo
IBM Global Services
Nissan Account

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your consideration.

Probably your IIS doesn’t work for applications.

Please write a simplest application to test if it works.

The IIS that I am using is running on an
development machine that has been used to create
numerous apps.

So, I know that the IIS is fine.

One thing that I did notice was that if I change
SaveType to OpenInExcel, it opens in Excel in the
appropriate format.

The problem is that the aspose.excel app does not open
the excel file in the browser.

Is there a specific compatibility issue with Excel97,
which is the version I am using?

Michael Minadeo
IBM Global Services
Nissan Account

Dear Michael,

Are you running Excel97 when running the demo? Please close your Excel97 and have a try.

No, Excel was not running in the background.

Have you guys tested the demo with Excel 97?

The problem is that the page does not load the excel 97 component when it hits this code in the demo:

excel.Save(“AlphabeticalList.xls”, SaveType.OpenInBrowser, FileFormatType.Default, this.Response);

With this line it behaves as expected:

excel.Save(“AlphabeticalList.xls”, SaveType.OpenInExcel, FileFormatType.Default, this.Response);

Michael Minadeo
IBM Global Services
Nissan Account

Dear Michael,

Sorry. We have not tested it with Excel 97. We have only tested the demo on Excel2000 and ExcelXP.

The only difference between OpenInExcel and OpenInBrowser is:

response.AddHeader( “content-disposition”,“attachment; filename=” + resultSpreadsheet);

response.AddHeader( “content-disposition”,“inline; filename=” + resultSpreadsheet);

So maybe it’s a problem of IE working with Excel97.


With IIS and Excel97, if you navigate to an xls file that resides on the server, the browser will display the excel object…

Perhaps “inline” from IE6 does not properly trigger Excel97 to open.

So far, this Excel component is very impressive. It’s easy to use and behaves exactly as expected.

If there would be someway to get this working with Excel 97, we would definately want to begin using your product in all of our .net web development.

Is there a chance that you might consider looking into the Excel97 issue?

Best Regards,
Michael Minadeo
IBM Global Services
Nissan Account

Dear Michael,

I will investigate this issue and solve it.

Dear Lawerance,

I found your message for the opening in excel and in browser. I need a help how to open in new window of a browser. please help me.

Thanks in advance,



You can use Javascript to open a new browser window. In this new browser window you can load an aspx file. And please show file in the Page_Load event of this aspx file.