CAD preview does not support big file


During our trial, we found that when the uploaded CAD file is too large, an error will be reported. Is the size of the CAD file limited?

Looking forward to your kindly feedback.

Many thanks.

Hi, we need more information to understand. What is preview? Is it export with some code and Aspose.CAD or you are just using viewer? By what reference? What error do you see? What is the size of the file?

hi, the error picture is as follows, and the size of the file is about 15MB
image.png (28.6 KB)

please help us to check, many thanks.

Hello, please share your file and the code that causes the issue, we need to reproduce it on our side.

the CAD file is too large to upload. the code file is as follows

please check, thanks. (905 Bytes)

I see nothing special in the code, this problem may relate to the file or environment. We can not say exactly without the file. Please, attach it on some cloud service and put here details, so we can download and reproduce.

the CAD file is as follows

please check, thanks.

Extraction code: 4Na6

now I can confirm the issue. Unfortunately, there are a lot of entities there, we need time and memory to process all of them. We will look at possible improvements in the scope of CADJAVA-10844.