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Calculate formulas

I have different formulas on the worksheet (and using .xls extension) to be calculated and when I set: wb.Settings.ReCalculateOnOpen = true; just before saving the workbook (wb.Save(sFile) --> it’s calculating the formulas but when to close excel file a pop up box display each time with the warning message: Do you want to save the changes to “Temp.xls” ? Microsoft Excel recalculates formulas when opening files last saved by an earlier version of Excel.
When I don’t include the setting or I set wb.Settings.ReCalculateOnOpen = false; -> it won’t display the warning message when close the .xls file but won’t calculate formulas either.
How shall I proceed to calculate the formulas and not be displayed the warning message as well ?
Thank you.


It is the behavior of Microsoft Excel. Please note, when you specify MS Excel to re-calculate formulas on open option and generate the file, Microsoft Excel will ask you with your mentioned message upon closing the file. This option specifies that Microsoft Excel will always re-calculate formulas on opening Excel file, therefore it always ask you to save changes even you have done no modification inside it.

This is not possible. If you want MS Excel not to prompt you, you have to set ReCalculateOnOpen option to false but doing this, MS Excel will not recalculate the formulas upon opening into it.

Thank you for the clarification Amjad !