Calculated PDF Fields


I have a PDF forms text field Z configured as the sum of other fields X and Y (Text Field Properties / Calculate, in Adobe Acrobat Professional). Using Aspose.PDF.Kit I populate the fields X and Y (using Form.FillField). This works but does not cause Z to be recalculated. If I manually key a value into fields X or Y using Acrobat it does work.

Is there a way to refresh calculated fields using Aspose PDF?

Any help much appreciated.


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Could u just attach the PDF file containing the forms? We will test it and reply u ASAP.


Simple example attached. If you open the file in Acrobat and key a value into Field 1 or 2, Field 3 is recalculated as the sum of 1 and 2.

Running the following code should have the same effect but does not update Field 3:

Aspose.Pdf.Kit.Form form = new Aspose.Pdf.Kit.Form("c:\\test.pdf", "c:\\output.pdf");

form.FillField("Text1", "100");

form.FillField("Text2", "100");


Thanks for your help.


Dear DanReid,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf.Kit.

The function you said is not supported now. It will be supported two months later.

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Will the release also support fields that have other calculations, such as the attached? Will there be any limitations?

Also, do you have a more exact release date that I can plan my project around?

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Dear Dan,

Thanks for your attention.

Could you list all your requirements in this post? Thus we can make a plan according to your needs.

Best regards.


Dear Dan,

We have discussed about your requirements.

We will provide the functions at the end of March of 2006.

Best regards.