CalculateFormula support + licence "upgrade"



I would like to know if CalculateFormula routine makes me able to retrieve the result value of cells containing MID and FIND formulas for an existing Excel file.
If not, is it possible for you to add them to the set of existing formulas?

Also, I would like to know if it is possible to “upgrade” an existing licence from Professional to Enterprise by paying only the difference.




Hi Luigi,

Now MID and FIND functions are not supported. We will add them in the future release.

About upgrade policy, please check


Hello Laurence,

just to know if you planned a date for the future release.

Thank you for the excellent support.



Hi Luigi,

You are welcome.

It will be available before the end of next month. Now we are adding many new functions to the calculation engine.



I have an Excel file produced with Aspose.Excel that contains some formulas.
If I try to read the cells containing formulas through Aspose.Excel library (Professional Edition, no .calculateFormula() routine…), I cannot get the results of the formula.

On the other hand, if I open the file with Microsoft Excel application and then save it, I am eventually able to read the values through Aspose.Excel library, as if Microsoft Excel application calculates formulas when requested to save.

I need to know if my understading is correct.

Thank you for help



Hi Luigi,

Your understanding is correct. While saving file in MS Excel, Excel will calculate formulas and save the result to file. Aspose.Excel can read those values.

However, if you use Aspose.Excel to set formula to an Excel file, it won’t calculate the result. So you cannot get those result in Professional edition.