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Hi Sergey,

In order to actually replace the current Automation solution for MS Project, the calculations are becoming high priority...

I have spent some time looking at 'work' calculations. Keeping these values up-to-date and in sync across tasks and resource assignments has cleared up a number of problems. (I still have resources to do).

I've been keeping a set of notes / specs as I go through the calculations. I'm happy to share these to help provide some thoughts (and the code) if these will help improve the product.

Here are some I find found useful...

1) Re: Calendar ... GetNextWorkingDay (from date) ... (forward or backward)

This is useful if need to adjust or set dates and then calculate duration.

2) Re: ResourceAssignment various related to work calculations

updating actualwork ... to calculate remainingwork and work, etc

3) Re: Task ... update all work variables based upon ResourceAssignment variables

4) Re: Task ... rollup work variables across all child tasks

5) Re: Dates ... various routines to set / calculate time of day

6) Re: Dates ... various calculations based upon entering actual dates

(for example ... setting percent complete, updating remaining values, etc.)

7) Re: Variance ... various calculations to handle variance calculations (e.g. workvariance).

It would also be nice to have some of the calculations be part of the task, resource or resourceassignment objects. (or some additional flags indicating if a calculation is required).

For example...

Task.Assignments (this is like the MS Project object model)

Task.UpdateWorkFromAssignments (or something like this)


... same applies to cost calculations ... so they may be just task.UpdateFromAssignments

I'm also giving some thought to calculating ES, LS, EF, and LF..

If you are already working on these, I'll be happy to test any interim versions. This is just my current thinking ... and I expect that it will change as I continue to explore these calculations during August.

Thanks again for your help!!

Regards, Bruce

Hi Bruce,

Thank you a lot for your questions!

We are working now on project data recalculation, but it is mainly a TimePhased data generation as MS Project takes the main information from this part of data.

And we need the data to recalculate project’s earned values as well, as project’s status date can be any date and the only source of this data is the TimePhased information. Sorry for some delay but the algorithm of the TimePhased data generation is not open and we have to investigate and restore it. We are going to finish this part of work in this week.

I will provide you with an interim build ASAP. Again sorry for delay and thank you for cooperation.

Hi Sergey,

Many thanks for the information. I'll be happy to test any of the TimePhased capabilities you are doing ... I'll leave these areas to you!!

If you would like to see any other the other calcs that I'm doing, let me know and I'll upload... I'll provide these as a data point ... and you can take what you like and leave the rest!!

Regards, Bruce