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Calling "Save" Method in Aspose.Slides 20.11 Leads to Losing Data in PPTX Files

  1. We process many PPTX files simultaneously.
  2. PPTX files seem to have many Excel chart links pointing to the same file.
  3. The linked Excel file is in a network share (we do not know if it’s required for reproducing the error or not).
  4. Whenever we call “Save” method in Aspose.Slides (Aspose.Slides.Presentation.Save(String fname, SaveFormat format)), sometimes sharing violation exception happens when Aspose tries to deal with those chart links and our PPTX file is being saved back as an empty file. We lose all PPTX file’s data.
  5. Sometimes, Aspose.Slides throws sharing violation error also when we try to process this chart links in LFA (we call Aspose.Slides.Charts.ChartData.SetExternalWorkbook(String workbookPath)). Since it’s not happening inside their “Save” method, this time we are not getting empty file in the output, but those issues can be connected with each other and we think they should get fixed. We have reported this in Aspose.Slides 20.11 Throws Sharing Violation Exceptions while Trying to Process Links to Charts.

This topic duplicates the issue description posted here. The discussion will continue there.