Cam media not from uploaded image

Hi I want to ask for barcode scanner is it available to scan from cam media in javascript not from uploaded image?


Aspose.BarCode processes image formats only to scan barcodes. see the supported file formats for your reference. Could you elaborate on cam media, we can check it further.

You can capture image from the camera and recognize it. There a lot of code which describes how to capture image from camera.

Thanks Alex for your reply, I know that I can capture the image from javascript, but I need to extract the barcode from it also by javascript, I mean that I do not want at the end to upload the image to the server to get the barcode from it, so I need to get the barcode from javascript library and you have .net, node, java, … etc there is no pure javascript, that is what I need, do you have this?

Here is a sample javascript code to upload and read a barcode from an image. You may please modify it according to your requirements for reading barcode from the image. (1.7 KB)

Aspose.Barcode libraries are ported on many languages but all of them are back-end libraries. Yes, there are pure client JavaScript libraries exist which can recognize barcodes, but all of them have restricted barcode types and low recognition quality.

I don’t think that we will implement pure client JavaScript library in near future, but you can use Cloud library version, it will work without uploading images on your server.

Ok, Many thanks for your reply.