Can a MailMerge be Cancelled?

Is there a way to cancel a mail merge that is in progress? I’ve searched the forums have haven’t found anything.


Thanks for your inquiry. There is no way to do that. May I know why you need to cancel a MailMerge in progress? Maybe we will find other way to achieve what you need.
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Generally speaking I try to give users the ability to gracefully cancel out of long running operations.
In one of the apps I’m working on right now I’m merging quite a bit of data and the resulting document is around 600 printed pages in length with around 300 more pages of things like index entries, etc… that (thankfully) aren’t printed. Since I’m also having to perform some processing during the MailMerge_MergeField and MailMerge_MergeImageField events, my merge is taking approximately 30 minutes. Giving the user the ability to cancel out of that gracefully instead of just killing the app would be nice. Especially when they forget something trivial before kicking off the process.
I’ve got to say that I’m totally loving Aspose.Words though. I’ve done several projects in the past with MS Word automation and they were all painful. This is refreshingly pleasant. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for additional information. Maybe in your case, you can run merge process in a separate thread. In this case, if a customer would like to cancel mail merge process, you can just kill the thread instead of killing whole application.
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