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Can anyone help me to create demo like how can fetch all the text of OCR from an image via Aspose?

I am referring these URLs to create demo but getting errors related to Warning: require_once(…/…/java/Java.inc) so from where can i get that file?

@Archana1993, please ask your question in forum related to Aspose.Ocr https://forum.aspose.com/c/ocr/16 Thanks.

Changed. @samer.el-khatib4aspose


The links you shared are related to Aspose.Imaging. In order to perform OCR Operations on images, you need to use Aspose.OCR API. Please check the code samples in the respective documentation and let us know in case you find any issues while using them:

I want it only for the PHP not for Jav.

First of all i want to do zoom in zoom out and image rotation of tiff extension image is it possible via Aspose PHP?

Please answer me on ASAP because i want to do it for my client and he is waiting on it like using Aspose can do or not?

My main 3 steps/tasks are like

  1. Load .tiff image in m chrome browser with zoom in zoom out and also can rotate it
  2. Get coordinates of all the texts from image
  3. Highlight specific text from particular image using the coordinates

These all 3 above task can do via aspose any demo for it?

Do i need to purchase aspose for above 3 stuffs? Please make sure i want it only in PHP / LARAVEL.


We are afraid that Aspose APIs do not provide any control to embed in your applications to view and zoom in/out images. Instead, you can use them in the code behind to achieve various functionalities. Regarding, your actual requirements, we recommend you use Aspose.OCR Cloud API in PHP that can serve your requirements. Please create a post in respective forum where you will be assisted accordingly.

ok @asad.ali

Have created https://forum.aspose.cloud/t/how-can-fetch-all-the-text-of-ocr-from-an-image-via-aspose/17202


You will be assisted there shortly.

Ok, Thank you.