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Can Aspose detect linked OLE objects?


We have a few cases where some documents are embedded in RTF files and linked as well. It appears that for any documents that are linked via OLE, the visitShapeStart and visitShapeEnd methods are not invoked (it also impacts docx files I have confirmed). I would assume that these method should be invoked since the OLE data is still inside of the RTF file even when it is linked.

For the linked case, I would expect that if I attempt to extract and save the OLE data to disk that it should use the OLE embedding information included as part of the RTF file.

I have attached an example that demonstrates the problem. One of the documents has OLE embedded data that is also linked. The other document only has the embedding, but no link. The same file is embedded in both documents.

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you

Hi Chase,

Thanks for your inquiry. The “Linked Document Object” in your “linkOLETest.rtf” is actually represented by “Field” object in Aspose.Words’ DOM. You can detect these objects using either DocumentVisitor.VisitFieldStart or DocumentVisitor.VisitFieldEnd Methods. I hope, this helps.

Best regards,