Can Aspose.Slides Read a PowerPoint Presentation File via Web Service in Java?

One webservice can download the presentation file which located at remote storage.
In this situation, is it possible for Aspose.Slides to open the presentation file via this web service?

Call GET /download/file?file=testfile.pptx
Then, open it in Aspose.slides for Java.

Or, Aspose.Slides for Java supports only to open presentation file from local disk?

Thank you for posting the question.

Aspose.Slides for Java can read presentations from local files and streams. A stream can be opened by a URL. Please take a look at the following code snippet. I hope this helps you.


var url = new URL("https://your_path_to_a_file/sample.pptx");
var presentation = new Presentation(url.openStream());

Thanks for info.
However, it does not help me.
Unfortunately, remote file is not accessible via URL.
It can be accessed via REST, GET command,
like GET https://serverurl/api/download?file=aaa.pptx.
Is this case also supported by Aspose.Slides?

Unfortunately, Aspose.Slides for Java cannot do this. You should find a way to get the presentation file from the Web service as a stream and use the stream to load the presentation.

Please also check out our REST API for presentation management: