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Can Aspose.Words do this?

'This is a simplified ASP logic coding sample
'This is a quick and easy way to customize any kind of text. Looking at this simple logic, can 'Aspose.Word accomplish the same level of ease?

strTextFile = "Hello #FIELD1# #FIELD2#,"

'Search database table for sex and full name
if not RS.eof
if RS("SEX") = "MALE" then
replace(strTextFile, "#FIELD1#", "Mr.")
RS("SEX") = "FEMALE" then
replace(strTextFile, "#FIELD1#", "Mrs.")
end if

if RS("FULLNAME") <> null or RS("FULLNAME") <> "" then
replace(strTextFile, "#FIELD2#", RS("FULLNAME"))
end if
end if

'if the given record is SEX = "MALE" and FULLNAME = "David Tao" then the rendered 'strTextFile will look be:

Hello Mr. David Tao,

Just wanted to make clear that I need some kind of example to explain how Aspose.Word and ASP.Net can achieve the same kind of outcome, IF it can do this. Thanks!

You can download and install Aspose.Word. It includes Aspose.Word.Demos (same as the online demo) with source code both in C# and VB.NET that demonstrates various features of Aspose.Word.

thanks, I guess it’s a yes