Can i call Aspose component from Progress 9.1D


Hello Sir,

We are using Progress 9.1D version to deveop the programs and we are using MS-word 2000 to create the reports.

we planned to buy your product name is Aspose.word to increase the performance for our reports.

My doubt is, when i have the look into your wesite u gave all the examples in .NET related.It is used only .NET or Java.

I want to know whether can i call the Aspose.word component from Progress 9.1D.

Waiting 4 your reply…



FYI. Progress can be found at


We are certainly interested and intrigued by the idea to use Aspose.Word from Progress.

However, Aspose.Word is a .NET component so if you want to call it you’d better do it from a .NET application.

It is also possible to call Aspose.Word from a COM application, it is a bit complicated, but possible.

Sorry we don’t have any experience with Progress so cannot comment. If you can access COM objects from your Progress application then you should be able to call Aspose.Word. If you can figure this (if you can access COM objects from Progress), then I will help you to get it going.

You can use Aspose.Word evaluation version to check if you can get everything working before you actually buy it.


It looks like this is indeed possible (you are using MS Word automation already).
This article gives examples of using Office Automation from Progress:

See these posts for info about using Aspose.Word from COM:

It should get your started, let me know if you have more questions.


Ok roman.

It is possible to call the COM from Progress. for this you help me…



I'm not familiar with Progress syntax for using COM objects, but if you state what you want to do, I can write up sample code in VB Script and you should be easily able to convert it into Progress.

Here is a basic example how to mail merge with ADO recordset in VB Script:

But I guess you will not be able to use mail merge from Progress unless you can deal with ADO recordsets there.

You probably end up using DocumentBuilder to build the document and this will a few questions for example how to get enumeration values and how to deal with overloaded methods.