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Can I convert material type?

Hi, I can see all 5 material types in Aspose.3D below

  1. Material
  2. LambertMaterial
  3. PbrMaterial
  4. PbrSpecularMaterial
  5. ShaderMaterial

can I convert all materials as PbrMaterial with all contains texture?
If that is possible then how?


When you export a scene to GLTF which only supports PbrMaterial and PbrSpecularMaterial, it will try to convert all materials to PbrMaterial or PbrSpecularMaterial.

The other formats usually only support LambertMaterial/PhongMaterial, so converting to PbrMaterial does not make sense in other scenario.

We will further work to allow arbitrary material kind conversion, then PbrMaterial/PbrSpecularMaterial can be converted to other materials as well, and USD exporter( still under developing) can also benefit from this. The ticket ID for the task is THREEDNET-812 and you will be surely informed as soon as it is done. Please give us some time.