Can i know after how many rows page break occured

I have code creating 100 rows.

For(int i =0 ; i < 100 ; i++)

I want to know after how many rows the page break occured each time.Here i.ToString() can be a variable length string.

Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, you can’t determine this using Aspose.Words. This is not trivial task. See the following link.

May be this information will help you.
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Ok row count i will calculate my self but can i know when page break occured.
Suppose i am inserting rows 100 of rows is there any property which tell ya page break occured or table is gone to next page.

Unfortunately, no, there is no property which tells a page break occurred or table is gone to next page. This feature is called pagination and it is not released yet. Also see FAQ for more information.
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