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Can ISlide.getNotesSlide() method return null


I want to know if ISlide.getNotesSlide() method can return if yes then please let us know the condition in which we can expect null from this method.

Actually, I want to get notes of each slide of presentation. While incorporating this requiremen, I came across two cases which have been discussed below:

Case 1; Presentation has total 5 slides out of which only 3 slides have notes.
In this case, getNotesSlide() does not return null for any slide.

Case2: Presentation has total 5 slides and none of the slides has notes.
In this case, getNotesSlide() returns null.

Why in case1, we do not get null for those slides which does not have notes.


Hi Praneeth,

I have observed your comments and like to share that ideally if there is no Slide notes associated with any slide then the notes slide should be null. However, if you first add some notes in slide and then remove those notes then on back end the notes slide will be created for this on the moment you will add notes to slide and even you remove them later on. Removing notes will not set the notes slide to null. I request you to please share the sample presentations reproducing the issue along with sample code so that we may help you further in this regard.

Many Thanks,