Can it do this?


We are already a happy customer using Aspose.Word, Roman knows us well, and we are now looking at building some spreadsheets for our reports.

I think that the Excel.Expess product will meet our needs and with the SmartMarkers it appears to use a similar model to the Word Mailmerge technique. Is that a valid assumption?

We want to perform these tasks:

1. Take an existing tabbed spreadsheet and add our data to it.
2. The tab we need to populate spreadsheet will be empty.
3. We will add basic numbers, text and formulas.
4. Some of the formulas will pull in 'named' references from the other tabs which we will need to build. This will enable us to populate the tab with the data (in this case working hours for each person) that we have and pull in cooresponding target data from the other tabs (their target data - which is maintained manually in the spreadsheet) using a named cell reference.
5. We will use a 'rule' which enables us to 'guess' the correct named cell reference for each person.

I can email you a quick example?

Best regards


Hi Steve,

Sure you can email me your sample. Please send to
I think Aspose.Excel.Express can meet your need. If not, you can try Aspose.Excel.