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Can it generate DOCX when source is a C# code

I like ASPOSE and think about using it.

I need to make sure it can generate output of MS Word DOCX from an input from my Database.

I’ve looked at this link: https://products.aspose.com/words/net

It doesn’t say that it can generate DOCX file in the 2nd column. I’m not too clear about what the “output” difference between the 2 columns (separated by the circle) in the link above.


Yes, you can load Document from Database and Save it to DOCX format by using Aspose.Words for .NET. Please refer to the following article:
Retrieving a Document from the Database

Also, in Input/Output (first) column, for example it mentions the ODT format. It means that you can load an ODT document by using Aspose.Words for .NET into memory and after manipulation save the document from memory to again the same ODT file format. Same is the case with DOCX and other formats.

The second column (Output Only) lists the file formats that Aspose.Words for .NET can save the document from memory to. For example, Aspose.Words for .NET can save document to the HtmlFixed. But it cannot load HtmlFixed. Hope, this helps.

maybe I wasn’t too clear… My input may not be a document from DB, it may be just some data saved in DB, like string values, that i will retrieve from DB and then try to generate a brand new MS Word. Maybe I should’ve used the word “generate” to convey my meaning.

Can Aspose do that?



Aspose can do that. You need to build up the document from scratch using code

Using table data from a database i assume you want to create a table.

An old video:

Examples on GitHub

I hope this helps.


You can use the DocumentBuilder class for dynamic document building from scratch or for the addition of new elements to an existing document. Please refer to the following article:
Use DocumentBuilder to Insert Document Elements