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Can not import a large excel file into Aspose.Cell.GridWeb


I am creating a large excel file using Aspose.Cells. This excel file contains 3 worksheets and each worksheet contains 60000 rows. Excel file size is 19MB.

When I tried to open this excel file into an aspx page using Aspose.Cells.GridWeb control, the GridWeb could not open this excel file and I got en error message - “Internet Explorer has Stopped Working” after 40+ minutes.

Could you please provide me any workaround on this so that I can open excel file in aspx page using Aspose.Cells.GridWeb?



Since you are loading a huge file into GridWeb, so it might take lot of time and the process may demand more RAM. Anyways, could you attach the template Excel file (19MB), we will check your issue for GridWeb control.

Thank you.