Can not load obj

aspose.3d 2023.4
q1:image.png (20.8 KB)
FileFormat.Detect can see it is a obj file , but Scene.FromFile show Unable to find the specified file
It seems that there is a relationship between relative paths and absolute paths. I have solved them by putting them all in one folder

q2: How to determine if one model is within another model?Do 3D models have this topology related concept

Can you share the OBJ file that can reproduce this issue?

It’s a computational geometry problem to determine whether one model is within another model.
There are some algorithms, such as ray casting and sweep and prune, that can be used to solve this problem. There is no topology that can directly provide this information.

hi, after my test ,
var scense = Scene.FromFile(path, new ObjLoadOptions()
Encoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(“GBK”)

It seems that the encoding was not recognized correctly. I use Encoding.GetEncoding("GBK") work fine for my obj file

are there any document for 3d model , scense/node/mesh and so on … just like Aspose.Words Document Object Model (DOM) in C#|Aspose.Words for .NET


We are checking your inquiry and will get back to you shortly.

We don’t have this yet, but thank you for the suggestion. We’ll work on it next month.