Can not open word document from browser in a machine that does not have word installed

I tried to open a word document from web page in a pc that does not have word office installed and it does not open. Any help?

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Thanks for your inquiry. Client browser invokes the application that is associated with DOC files and supports this format (like MS Word, Word Viewer, Open office etc). So if you don’t have any of them installed then open in browser will not work.
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I am having trouble. It is not accepting the file name with unc path. Help please

string srcFileName = "\\yolo-store1\\law\\probation\\DrugTestEnvelopoAddressLabel.doc";
Document doc = new Document(srcFileName);
doc.Range.Replace("F1", "John", false, false); //replace text F1 with Ravi
doc.Range.Replace("F2", "Smith", false, false); //replace text F2 with Shankar
doc.Save("DrugTestLetter.doc", SaveFormat.Doc, SaveType.OpenInBrowser, Response); //open the document in word.

Thanks for your inquiry. Your UNC path is not formatted correct. Please try using the following.

Document doc = new Document(@"\\web2\mail\in.doc");


Document doc = new Document(@"\\\mail\in.doc");

I hope that this will help you.
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