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Can not read datetime

I use aspose.tasks(v 8.4.1) on trial.I have met 2 problems:

1.It can not read Datetime in Mpp file(please have a look about the attachment) .How to solve this problem?

2.It causes error when read xml file. Aspose.Tasks.Project pro = new Aspose.Tasks.Project(File.OpenRead(@“F:\test.xml”)); The error is: Has been added with the same key item .Could you please tell me how to solve it? Thank you very much!

Hi Weiguo,

Thank you for contacting Aspose support team.

1. We have tested this issue at our end by reading your sample file and all start and finish dates of tasks are read properly. Could you please confirm if you have properly initiated license file in your application? If not, this will effect the dates reading capability due to evaluation limitations.

2. Please share your sample XML file that raises this exception. We shall investigate it further at our end and share our feedback with you.