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Can one inlcude special characters in ExtendedAttribute values (C# .NET)

I’m currently having an issue where any task with a - or / in it’s field are converted to random characters.

This causes an issue with both text values and dates (as my dates are mm/dd/yyyy format)

Any idea what I doing wrong? Or is this not an included feature?


Can you please share source file along with sample code so that we may further investigate to help you out. Also please share generated result as well.

Hey Adnan!

I can’t upload my file due to the company network security. But I can explain the value a bit more?

So I have a Project (MPP) file with an ExtendedAttribute “TAMCN”, and the actual value is “CE-D0032”.

And the resulting value through Visual Studio becomes “܁ɢ”

Here is my code:
//Use following code for reading the stream into Project
Project proj = new Project(file.InputStream);

                    // Check root tasks for data
                    foreach(var task in proj.RootTask.Children)
                        var isSum = task.Get(Tsk.IsSummary);
                        var tamcn = task.ExtendedAttributes.Where(x => x.AttributeDefinition.FieldName == "TAMCN_EC");
                        if (tamcn.Any())
                            var value = tamcn.First().TextValue;

I hope this helps! I also have read that trial licenses leave dates as the year 2000? So could that possibly be a restraint for this as well?

*Sorry if this isn’t helpful, this is my first time posting to a help forum so I’m kind of new to this.


You are always welcome to share issues. However, in order to investigate the requirement and helping you further, we need to have source file, generated output, desired output and used sample code. We will really appreciate your cooperation in this regard and will be able to proceed further on provision of requested information.