Can only open 50 workbooks before getting exception "You are using an evaluation copy and have opened files exceeding limitation."

We have a valid license. I have a helper method that returns a Workbook like this.

public static Workbook GetWorkBookFromBytes(byte[] bytes)
Workbook workbook = new Workbook();


return workbook;

I can only open 50 workbooks before I get the exception.

If I just return a new Workbook, I can open 100 before I get the exception. This is a major issue for us since we are importing and exporting data on our ASP.NET server and can't have this limit.


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Please email us your license file and we will check you issue soon. Please follow the steps mentioned in the below link to send us your license file.

P.S. Don’t attach you license file in the forum.

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I found the issue. I thought I had set the license file when in fact I hadn’t. The worksheet that was created didn’t have the evaluation worksheet so I had assumed I was doing it correctly.