Can open the file in excel2000 normal but cannot open in excel2002 and excel2003



I want ask a question,i use the aspose.excel(3.6.2)

get a excel file,i can open it with excel2000 in my machine normal,but when open it with excel2002 or excel2003 in other’s matchine will appear the error message:“document error,the data maybe lost”,this is why? can you help me?

attach file is here.


Hi Joseph,


1. Try this attached fix.

2. If the problem still occurs, please remove all drawing object in your source worksheet. Copying worksheet with drawing objects tends to cause problem since it's too complex. It's better to copy worksheet only with data and formattings. And add images after completing copying.


sorry,when i run my client,appear the error message below:" Client found response content type of ‘text/html; charset=utf-8’, but expected ‘text/xml’. " ,this is why?


How do you send the file to your client? It doesn't matter with Aspose.Excel, but something in your program.


sorry,it 's quesetion of mine.but the file cannot open normal in excel2002,excel2003 yet


Could you post your whole project here? I will check it.


thanks for your reply,i have resolved the question。