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Can we change Font of text in text Layer of a psd file in java?

I wanted to change the font from Arial to Calibri of my text in textlayer. can we do that?


Please try using following sample on your end to change the font family for the text in layer.

//Creates an instance of Image
com.aspose.psd.Image image = new com.aspose.psd.fileformats.psd.PsdImage(500, 500);
//Creates and initialize an instance of Graphics class
com.aspose.psd.Graphics graphics = new com.aspose.psd.Graphics(image);

//Clears Graphics surface

//Creates an instance of Font
com.aspose.psd.Font font = new com.aspose.psd.Font("Times New Roman", 16);

//Create an instance of SolidBrush having Red Color
com.aspose.psd.brushes.SolidBrush brush = new com.aspose.psd.brushes.SolidBrush(com.aspose.psd.Color.getRed());

//Draw a String
graphics.drawString("Created by Aspose.PSD for .Net", font, brush, new PointF(100, 100));

// create export options.
com.aspose.psd.imageoptions.GifOptions options = new com.aspose.psd.imageoptions.GifOptions();

// save all changes"C:\\temp\\output.gif", options);

Hi @mudassir.fayyaz,

I don’t want to draw string as i am updating text of TextLayer .

Have tried draw string also but it’s not working.

Layer textLayer = findLayer(“AHORRA HOY”,psdImage);
TextLayer txtlyr = (TextLayer) textLayer;
txtlyr.updateText(“Some text”);

Here findLayer will just return a layer with the name “AHORRA HOY”.

In the above code, I just want to change the font of this “Some text”.
I am able to change font size and color but unable to change Font.


We regret to share that at present we don’t provide API to change Font for layer at this moment. We have already added a ticket for this with ID PSDNET-806 in our issue tracking system for providing requested support. This thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be notified once the support will be included.

Hi @mudassir.fayyaz,

Is there any update on this ticket?


At present the requested feature is unavailable in API and I request for your patience. We will share the good news with you as soon as the feature will be available.