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Can we create bullets using aspose.excel?

Hi there,

need some help here.

I need to create the text below into 1 cell in my excel sheet using Aspose.excel.

• text 1
• text 2
• text 3

is this possible ? how ? thanks!


Yes, you can. Please try:

cells["A1"].PutValue("• text 1\n• text 2\n• text 3");
cells["A1"].Style.IsTextWrapped = true;
cells.SetRowHeight(0, 40);

Hi Lawrence,

is it possible to not fix the height ? cos' I will be reading from the db, appending the values to a string and then putvalue to a cell. So it'll be good if the cell can adjust itself so that all the text can be displayed.


You can use Worksheet.AutoFitRow method.

Thanks Lawrence for your prompt reply! Smile [:)]