Can we invoke aspose find and replace algorithm inside find and replace algorithm recursively

Hi Team,
I was facing one issue while replacing arguments using aspose find and replace algorithm.
Scenario : I am trying to replace document placeholders using aspose find and replace algorithm but while replacing placeholders i may have excel placeholders like below for which we need to get data from excel specific cell and replace it in document but while replacing i have observed data is not populating properly since excel have placeholders inside it and which needs to resolve first and then i can get valid data from excel file.
SampleArg :

Excel file which have again argumets inside to resolve :

So I need to resolve excel args first and then need to go back to previous replacement to replace the first argument.

Can you please suggest how can i achieve this ?


@priyanka9 Could you please specify which of Aspose products do you use?

Hi @alexey.noskov ,

We have taken license for aspose total and for now in our functionality we used aspose words and aspose cells .
Version details which we are using:


I would like to inquire from Aspose.Cells perspective for your scenario/case.

How do you extract data from Excel spreadsheet cells using Aspose.Cells APIs? Could you please share the sample code that you are using? If it is not working properly or as expected, please provide more details with Excel file (please zip it first prior attaching).

What are the placeholders in Excel file for? How can they be resolved and what should be the replacement data for these placeholders? Where can replacement data for placeholders in an Excel spreadsheet be obtained? Please provide detailed information on Excel placeholders and include more details with Excel files (please zip the files before attaching), such as a sample Excel file containing placeholders and the expected file (where placeholders are resolved with the expected data in place). Once we have the details, sample files, and code snippets, we will be able to understand your scenario/case and assist you accordingly.

@priyanka9 What you are trying to implement looks like a custom report building engine. Aspose.Words already have a build in report building engine - LINQ Reporting Engine. Using find/replace functionality is not the best way to build the report.
Also, we already discussing your approach in the following thread:

Yeah @alexey.noskov we can close this thread and we can continue this discussion as part of below thread.