Can we View saved Excel file in Windows Application

I'm using aspose.cells in writing , reading excel there anyway to view the saved excel files in windows application (

i'm using below mentioned line of code for Viewing file not for reading.

workbook.Open("ConsolidatedIS_TGP LP (OP)_09-09-2008-0642.xls", FileFormatType.Excel2007Xlsx)

but its not working.


Thank you for considering Aspose.

Aspose.Cells is a pure library rather than a visual GUI control. It is used to read and write native excel files with all types of sophisticated formatting, formula calculations, charts creation and more. The files generated by Aspose.Cells component can be viewed in Excel Viewer or MS Excel. The component is capable of sending the output file to client browser or client’s MS Excel for viewing in web application or you may use System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(excelfile) method to open the file into browser in desktop application.

Also, Workbook.Open() method is used to open the file for processing by Aspose.Cells, this method is not for opening the excel file for viewing.

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And if Nausherwan's suggestions do not suit your requirements (for viewing excel file etc.) and you need a full fledged/separate GUI Grid control, we recommend you to use our another product / control i.e.., Aspose.Grid (, original package is Aspose.Grid which includes two controls i.e. Aspose.Grid.Web used for web applications and Aspose.Grid.Desktop used for Windows applications) is a GUI control that provides MS Excel like environment in WYSIWYG manner, you may easily place it on the winform or a webpage (.aspx webform). It has its own grid matrix and has its own formula calculation engine to calculate all types of formulas at runtime. It can load existing excel files to the grid matrix (cells in rows/columns) and can also save output files to disk. It allows user can design its spreadsheet of his need too. For ref, please check the source code of Aspose.Grid.Desktop demos, the demos gets automatically installed on your machine when you use control's MSI installer. Please check the documentation for your further ref:

Hopefully, this information helps you to decide which way you go.

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