Cannot compile project. Cannot declare a namespace and a type both named 'dk'


I’ve downloaded the Aspose.Word component for evaluation.
The project that I’m working on has a namespace thats called etc.
The trouble is the dk in the namespace. The Aspose.Word component has a type that is called dk. This causes the compiler to give me the following error: Cannot declare a namespace and a type both named ‘dk’.
I’m impressed with the component but do not wish to alter my namespace.
Any chance for a quick solution to my problem?

Good luck tracking down the bug.


You must be using VB.NET, right?

There is no type called “dk” in Aspose.Word. I’m not exactly sure at this stage, but I think the problem is caused by “Word” in “Aspose.Word”.

I’ve had this problem before when I was creating demo projects and resolved it by removing the namespace from the source code. Thought it’s a VB.NET glitch and did not pay much attention to it.

If you want a quick solution then try removing “namespace mynamespace” from the source files that use Aspose.Word. Don’t need to remove from the whole project. I think that classes in source files without “namespace” go into the project default namespace specified in the project properties. So you might be able to get both: keep your namespace and get Aspose.Word working. Let me know if this solution is suitable.

I will add this problem to our task list to address in future releases.


Hi, this was resolved and will go out in Aspose.Word 1.6.3 release later today.