Cannot convert to PDF

We have been using Aspose.Words 19.7 for some time with no problems but when we try to convert the attached Docx file it results in an invalid PDF file as shown in the screenshot of the error. Can you tell what is wrong and if there is a fix available

PDF error.JPG (16.2 KB)
QA06-08_Viewer.docx (824.6 KB)

@john.gleeson I was unable to reproduce the issue you mentioned with the attached QA06-08_Viewer.docx on the latest 22.1 version of Aspose.Words

Document doc = new Document("QA06-08_Viewer.docx");

Could you please provide code that demonstrates an issue?

Is it possible to get a trial licence for version 22.1 so I can test the document with that?


~WRD0002.jpg (357 Bytes)

@john.gleeson You can request a temporary 30-days license as described here.