Cannot create ActiveX component

I have a ASP.NET 3.5 web site written in VB. I can succesfully create .docx files and populate their bookmarks from database but each document shows that I am using an unlicesed version of Aspose Words.
To solve this I have put the following code in the Application Data Service that runs on application startup and sets up my application variables

'Register aspose.words
Dim license As Aspose.Words.License
license = CreateObject("Aspose.Words.License")

When I do this I get the following error message when I attempt to open the website
System.Exception: Cannot create ActiveX component.
I get the same error message when I have impersonate set to true with an administrator login and password or if I set impersonate to false. Either makes no difference. The site runs fine when I debug in Visual Studio 2008 but not when it is deployed to the server. This makes me think it’s a permissions issue on the server but after trying all kinds of permissions I have not been able to solve the problem.
P.S. I have also tried putting the license registration code in the global.asax file but get the same results

Thanks for your request. I think you should use the following code:

'Register aspose.words
Dim license As Aspose.Words.License = New Aspose.Words.License()

See the following link for more information.
Best regards.

That worked perfectly. Thank You. I did find that even though the license is included in my Visual Studio Solution it does not post the folder I build the web site to. I got around that by placing the license in the inetpub folder and referencing it there.