Cannot get aspose.slides to create a working presentation

hi there - apologies if this has been answered somewhere else - i did a forum search and couldnt find anything.

i downloaded the evaluation version of aspose.slides and have started playing around with it, however it seems that the files it creates aren’t 100% compliant with powerpoint?

i simply create a new presentation, and save it, and i assume this means it should be a presentation with 1 empty slide in it. however when i open it in powerpoint, it says "Powerpoint can’t access filename.ppt because the file name is invalid"

this seems to not be a problem if i create a new presentation from an existing powerpoint file… any ideas as to what the deal is here?

also, i’ve noticed it doesn’t like creating new presentations from templates…?

Dear ben,

Thanks for considering Aspose.Slides. I have checked the following code on Java version of Aspose.Slides and it works fine.



Presentation srcPres=new Presentation();

File outPres=new File(“c:\outPres.ppt”);

FileOutputStream outPresStream=new FileOutputStream(outPres);



catch(Exception ex)




For .Net version of Aspose.Slides, the following code works as expected.

Presentation pres = new Presentation();


If you still have a trouble, then submit your code for inspection. If you are new to Aspose.Slides, then please visit Developer Guide for Aspose.Slides.

hi msfaiz

thanks for replying! i have tried that exact code in .NET, and i still receive the error when i try to open it in powerpoint. i have attached the ppt file, incase that helps! dont know if this is relevant, but i’m using powerpoint 2002 (v10) and i have all the latest patched installed for office.

also, another thing ive found - when i create a ppt file from an existing ppt and save it, i can open it, but as soon as i modify it, powerpoint crashes! is this normal?

hope to hear back from you soon - the package looks really good and we’re keen to purchase it - just need to sort out these bugs first…

Dear Ben,

Please tell me, which Aspose.Slides .Net version you are evaluating, by version I mean the version number like etc.

hi msfaiz

it’s the latest version, 2.6.12

Dear ben,

Probably fixing the previous bug has spawned this bug. Please use Aspose.Slides, which you can download from here until this bug gets fixed.

Dear Ben,

The above bug has been fixed in the latest release Aspose.Slides, which you can download from here.

hi msfaiz -

thats great! thanks a lot. Big Smile [:D]

my other question was that when i open an existing presentation and add slides to it etc and then save it, then open it and modify something, it hangs powerpoint… is this normal?

Dear Ben,

No, it is not normal; I don’t seem to have this problem on versions to I am using MS-PowerPoint 2003. Please verify it on latest version and if problem persists then show me your code for inspection.

hi msfaiz

thanks for all your help - this was an error on my behalf - was trying to set the text on something that shouldn’t have been - and powerpoint didnt like it!

thanks again! we will be in touch soon to purchase