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Cannot open PivotTable source file

I have a designer file with a pivot table in it. I use the SaveType.OpenInExcel option. If the user opens the file instead of saving it to disk, the message, “Cannot open PivotTable source file…” appears. Is there a workaround for this?


That’s a problem of Excel when loading file from internet temporary file folder. When you use OpenInExcel option, IE saves the file to the temporary file folder then use MS Excel to open it. Sometime it shows this error when your file contains pivot table. Could you try OpenInBrowser option?

I have tried the OpenInBrowser option and although I don’t get the error message, I can’t find a way for the user to save the spreadsheet to a file from the web page. This may be because it gets opened inside a panel in a tab control. Is there a way to force the spreadsheet to open in a new browser window? Thanks!

The use can save the file from the IE menu: File->Save as.

If you want to force the spreadsheet to open in a new browser window, don't directly create the file when the user click a link or a buttom. Instead, please re-direct to a new aspx page. In Page_Load event of that page, generate the file as your wish.