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Cannot run example in eclipse


Hi, I just download example from git and run in my eclipse, below is the result for running, there is no text being extracted,why?

Using data directory: C:\Java\Aspose.OCR-for-Java-master\Examples\src\main\resources\ExtractingTextfromPartofanImage
Block: java.awt.Rectangle[x=52,y=128,width=67,height=74] Text:
Block: java.awt.Rectangle[x=990,y=46,width=38,height=46] Text:

I can only manage to run , below is the result
answer -> abcdefghii klmnopqrstuvwxyz
ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV<Rest of the text is trimmed due to evaluation restriction!>



We are looking into the issue(s) faced and will share our feedback in a while.