Can't extract images from pdf

I have a PDF document and I want to extract the Images object from the Page Resources, but I find that some images in the document cannot be extracted.

void Main()
	var doc = new Aspose.Pdf.Document(@"C:\Users\54390\Downloads\logo (1).pdf");
	foreach(var page in doc.Pages){
        //count is 0

I open this PDF document,I found out that this image is a layer object,How can I extract these images from layer object?

20230304084843.png (20.3 KB)

Version info:

Aspose.PDF for Net 23.2

The demo file:

logo (1).pdf (146.4 KB)


We have added a new method of working with vector graphics. Try using the following code to detect and extract vector graphics.

var doc = new Document(input);

Thank you!
Will there be multiple vector graphics on the same page? But here only one output path is specified.


Would you please share the sample PDF having multiple drawn objects?