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Can't get barcode for SSRS 19.8 to render anywhere

Previously owned a license on 2014 for SSRS 2008 R2. Bought a new license in 2019 for SSRS 2016 but I never used it. Now i need it and it won’t render. I’ve installed 19.8 (i did not renew license) And I’ve manually set it up on VS 2017 & 2019 - I get the properties dialog box, but it never renders. Deploy the report and the server won’t render either.

You should install Aspose.BarCode for Reporting Services 21.5 and use utility to install dll on server and on VS.

I can confirm that fixes Visual Studio. However, i only have a license for v19 - why won’t the server render - surely it is not related to the Vsix problem in VS? Should 19.8 render on a fully up to date instance of SSRS 2016?

Nevermind, once deployed from a working instance of VS, the sever is rendering. It is not honoring all properties from the new version though.

New version uses Barcode Generator and it is fully rebuilt from 21.3 version. It has a lot of new improvements.