Can't render barcode : not enough space

"Can’t render barcode : not enough space " - This is the error I got when I tried testing my console application , please let me know the limitations of using these parameters . What are the minimum and maximum values so that I don’t get the errors. Please find attached the screenshots of the same ,Thank you.

image.png (28.1 KB)

image.png (141.8 KB)


Thanks for the screenshots.

Please note, AutoSizeMode.Nearest requires previously set ImageHeight and ImageWidth. In default barcode their values are small. In normal mode you should use AutoSizeMode.None and manipulate barcode size by XDimension. About differences of sizing modes in BarcodeGenerator you can read here, but the documentation:

If you still could not figure out your issue, kindly share sample code (runnable) here, we will check it further.

Can i please know the basic standard default values for image height and image width , resolution and padding . and please let me know about the minimum and maximum values for the same.
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We use as standard resolution 96 PPI which is basic for Microsoft windows. But for printing you can use other values from 300 to 1200 dpi.

The resolution value is used only in AutoSizeMode.None. Also, XDimension has influence on barcode size in this mode. Resolution is used to any measurement, except Pixel.

AutoSizeMode.Interpolation AutoSizeMode.Nearest modes render barcode image to required image width and height which is set in pixels in ImageHeight and ImageWidth parameters.

There are no standard Resolution, ImageHeight, ImageWidth and Padding values, and you should ask in your typography about required values. But Aspose.Barcode supports any barcode parameters which can be requited.