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Can't resize image with XML


I’m new here. We just got an Aspose PDF license and I’m having an issue with resizing an image I insert into the PDF. It doesn’t matter what I put in for the Width or Height, it only seems to effect the placement of the image within the document, it doesn’t actually resize the image itself.

Here’s a code snippet:

Can anyone suggest anything I should try?

Also, I’m designing this XML template which will be processed by Aspose, to produce a PDF. Using VB code to create the elements is not an option for me, it has to be an XML doc. By “no VB use” I mean that the only VB will be:

The binded XML template is what I’m trying to develop.

I’ve noticed everyone gives examples using VB code. Why is that? Is there a different forum for the XML-ers? Or is no one using that?

Thanks in advance for all the help!


Dear kostik,

Thanks for your consideration.

You should use Image.ImageScale property to resize your image.

There is no different forum for XML-ers. You are encouraged to post any question about XML in Aspose.Pdf here.

Ha! ImageScale attribute did the job. I can’t believe I missed it before.

Thanks, forever!