Can't update due to license/version conflict

We are trying to upgrade our .Net applications from 22.5.0 to 22.11.11. We are not able to upgrade, and get the following message. “The subscription included in this license allows free upgrades until 14 Jun 2022, but this version of the product was released on 17 Nov 2022. Please renew the subscription or use a previous version of the product.”. I assume that means we need a newer license, but I’m not sure how to resolve the issue. Please advise.


The message denotes that your existing license is expired and you cannot use newer versions of the APIs. In fact you cannot use any version of Aspose.BarCode for .NET which is released after your subscription expiry date (14 Jun 2022). To use newer versions of the API, you need to upgrade your subscription and get newer license.

For your information, when you purchase a license for a product, you are authorized to use this license file with existing and new (plus upcoming (official versions)) versions, hot fixes or interim releases of the component for the next whole year. Please note, your license will never expire if you continue to use your existing license with the product’s version that should be released before your subscription expiry date. Please note, if you need to use a version of the product which is released after your subscription expiry date, then you must upgrade your subscription to use it. For more details about licensing, please do contact or post a query in Aspose.Purchase forum. Also, you may check licensing and subscription policies and FAQs.

I’m trying to upgrade from aspose.barcode.22.10.0 to aspose.barcode.22.12.0 and get a “The license file was not found”, when calling SetLicense after calling aspose.barcode SetLicense.
The license is valid until 20231019

This is my code:

const string asposeTotalNetLic = "Aspose.Total.NET.lic";
var cellsLicense = new Aspose.Cells.License();
var wordsLicense = new Aspose.Words.License();
var pdfLicense = new Aspose.Pdf.License();
var imgLicense = new Aspose.Imaging.License();
var bcLicense = new Aspose.BarCode.License();
var emailLicense = new Aspose.Email.License();

If I comment these two lines the code runs:

//var bcLicense = new Aspose.BarCode.License();

If I upgrade from 22.10.0 to aspose.barcode.22.11.0 the code also runs.

Please help.

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Thanks for the details.

I did test your scenario/case in a separate VS.NET project using Aspose.BarCode for .NET v22.12 and Aspose.Email for .NET 22.11 with a valid license, it works absolutely fine and I do not get any exception what so ever. Here is my sample code segment for your reference.
Sample code:

var drawingLicense = new Aspose.Drawing.License();
var bcLicense = new Aspose.BarCode.License();
var emailLicense = new Aspose.Email.License();

Please make sure that the license file is in your specified location, you should not remove the license in your code or by manually during the process. If you still find the issue, kindly do share a (standalone) simple console application, zip the project and post us, we will check it soon.

PS. please do not include your license file in the zipped archive for security considerations.

dll’s: (2.5 MB)
screenshot: (732.9 KB)

Thank you for your reply, Amjad.
I’m no expert. However, I looked at the SetLicense method in 22.10, 22.11 and 22.12 using ILSpy (22.11 and 22.12 DLL in zip). SetLicense appears to have been changed in 22.12 (see screenshot).
If I change the call to SetLicense from SetLicense(“license file name”) to SetLicense(“full path to the license file”), it works (see the last screenshot).

The SetLicense documentation for both versions reads:
Tries to find the license in the following locations:1. Explicit path. 2. The folder that contains the Aspose component assembly. 3. The folder that contains the client’s calling assembly. 4. The folder that contains the entry (startup) assembly. 5. An embedded resource in the client’s calling assembly.

Am I making sense?



Thanks for the screenshot and details.

I am sorry but still I could not reproduce your mentioned issue. I put the license file into the same folder where Aspose.BarCode.dll is (e.g., in “.\bin\Debug” folder of the application). I set the relevant path for SetLicense() method and still it works fine as before. I do not get any exception. As requested earlier, kindly do share a (standalone) sample console application, zip the project and post us, we will check it soon.

PS. please do not include your license file in the zipped archive for security considerations.

Please note that my application is an MVC 5 application and that the license file is located in the bin folder. I’ll try to reproduce the problem in a console application, however, I’m not sure it is 100% comparable.


No worries, if you could not reproduce in a simple console application, please provide sample MVC 5 app. We will check it soon.

I am having the same problem after updating to 22.12. The license setting works fine with 22.10 but after updating to 22.12, the same code (with a valid license) throws “The license file was not found” exception. Setting the license of other Aspose libraries works fine, just Barcode.NET having this problem.


Could you please create and share a (standalone) sample application, zip the project and post us, we will check it soon.

PS. please do not include your license file in the zipped archive for security considerations.

My solution was to point to a precise physical path when setting the license.


Thanks for sharing your solution.

@ast3, please try setting actual physical path to your license file if it does not work using relevant path on your end.

We have purchased a new license, which should solve our issues, but I don’t know where to get it. Can you tell me how to obtain it? Our invoice number is K20483020101


Please post your queries regarding licensing in Aspose.Purchase section and one of our sales staff member will assist you soon.