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Cell Button and Javascript

I am trying to get an "OnClick" event setup for the CellButton so that I can use some JavaScript. Basically, with any normal HTML button or image, I can set the onclick event = "BLOCKED SCRIPTconfirm('are you sure?');", but I am having a difficult time getting it to work with CellButtons on the Grid control.

Is it possible to tap into the click event of a CellButton so that I can add some of my own code?


I build a sample project to demonstrate how to scirpt with the hyperlinks/cellcomands. With the current version, to add a confirm dialogbox to a cellcommand, please use hyperlink type instead of cellcommand type. And you need do some coding with the hyperlink to let it do the cellcommand behavior.

Please see the attachment. The project contains a pre-release version 1.7 control, you may try it. And we will release 1.7 at earlier next month.

Thank you.

That’s perfect. Thank you.